le 9 décembre

It was Cozy Day in the Chalet today!

For the most part we were busy little bees, finishing up Socials and English. Our banner for the Winter Concert is done! We were also able to visit the Soo-permarché (for the last time), and I served up some hot chocolate and cookies for everyone.

Term 1 Report Cards should be available for your reading enjoyment. Mme Shak, Mme Riznek and I spent a great deal of time observing, assessing and evaluating Div 3 across the subject areas, and hopefully have eloquently shared those findings with you. You will also find your own child’s words in their report, something I feel very strongly about. I also think that their reflections are a great talking point with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will not be checking my email this weekend, I have a lot going on at home these days (please see my email), but will certainly get back to you early next week.

Next Week:

  • lundi- Primary Winter Concert (1:00 and 6:30pm)
    • 7s- Math Games
  • mardi- Intermediate Winter Concert (1:00 and 6:30pm)
    • Mme Soo’s possible last day (again, see my email)
  • mercredi- Education Physique
  • jeudi- Mme Shak’s last day
  • vendredi- Diner Chaud (Subway), class cleanup before the break.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, à lundi!