Projet de Musee

For Wednesday, each student should come prepped with:

  • 2 artifacts, labeled
  • 1 piece of writing
    • 1 paragraph per artifact
    • probably at least 1 other paragraph
      • a bibliography **automatic zero without one
        • also, 1 or 2 sources is a bit weak

Each group needs:

  • sign with name of civilization
  • map of civilization

*group mark out of 10 for those two components, as well as overall cohesion and presentation of exhibit

There will be NO. time Wednesday to finish things off. We will be setting up our exhibits and welcoming other classes through as soon as possible that morning.

Use the rubric to guide your writing. Projet de Musée RubrqiueAnc Civ Musee projet Not only should you be describing your artifact, you need to relate it back to your pillar and your civilization. YOU are the expert, prove it.

I can’t wait to see your hard work on display!!