le 26 octobre

Mismatched Monday was quite the success! Love seeing the school spirit! Tomorrow is Tie Dye Tuesday!

Parent-Teacher conferences start tomorrow. Early dismissal 1:22/1:32. Students are encouraged to accompany their parents, unless parents want to talk without them. If you selected a virtual meeting, you should receive an email with the invitation link later today. If we are meeting in person, please see Mrs Simonetto’s email regarding health and safety procedures. We are aiming for 10 or 15 minute conferences, should we need more time we can schedule another meeting for another time. If you have not yet signed up for conferences, please email me directly and I will let you know what times I have left.

Students have lots of assignments/projects on their plates right now:

  • Mon Passe-Temps Préféré paragraphs are due ASAP. Students were shown this afternoon how to share documents (logged into office using their school accounts).
  • Travel Brochure (Mme Kloosterhof) – powerpoint with instructions/rubric can be found on Teams under Files
  • Sciences Humaines- Projet de Construction due vendredi

À demain 🙂