vendredi le 13 mai

Happy Friday, today was pretty low energy, to nobody’s surprise.

Hopefully your child was able to describe some highligts from camp yesterday. Despite the cold and rain, I had a really good time. Low ropes, archery and kayaking were super fun, and lunch was pretty tasty. We made the best of the coldest and wettest May on record (I think I heard that somewhere)… at least we got to go, right?

Today we took our yearbook photos, had gym and band, tidied our boxes, and chilled.

Just a reminder that Monday is a busy field trip for us. We are headed to WGSS first thing in the morning for a super fun Science workshop with Mr Stephenson. We’ll be back for recess or before. At 11:30 we head to TWU for Science in the Valley, once of my favourite workshop opportunities! We should be back right for the end of the day.

I sent an email a few minutes ago with the TWU permission form for those that need to sign and return. Please do so ASAP. If you are paying online you have the option to complete the form there.

You already signed a walking permission form at the beginning of the year, so one is not needed for WGSS.

Also next week we need to finish our Track and Field events so we can run finals and decide who is going to the WGSS Track day near the end of the month. Students are advised to have their running shoes ready as when/if its not raining, we will go out and finish these events. Also, the 1500m race is Tuesday at lunch.

Have a great and restful weekend! À lundi!