le 30 mars

Well, it’s official. Masks are now mandatory for all students in grades 4-12. Mrs Simonetto came in this morning to make the announcement and pass out a mask to anyone who needed it, although most students were either already wearing theirs or had one to put on. I will have disposable masks available moving forward for anyone who is in need. We are still waiting for more specific guidelines around when masks can be removed, until then, only when we are eating will we take them off (this includes outside for the time being). If you haven’t already received an email from the school/district about this, you should be soon.

For the first part of term 3 we will be studying algebra in Math. Today we discussed the terminology and practiced identifying the different parts of expressions and equations.

In Socials, we went over the framework for how we will examine ancient civilizations, which I call the Six Colonnes des Civilisations. We took notes and students will be quizzed next Tuesday on them.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • vendredi et lundi- Jours de Congé
  • mardi- Jersey Day et Quiz des 6 Colonnes

À demain!

le 29 mars

Welcome back! Hoping you all had a lovely break. I spent much of mine following birds around, as that is my daughter’s current obsession. Seems like many of us experienced some power outages yesterday.

We eased back into things today, with a bit of French and some Socials, and we will gradually take on more as the week goes on. Keep in mind that this week and next are 4 day weeks for Easter.

Starting tomorrow, Mme Riznek’s class will be joining our learning group. This is so that all the French Immersion grade sevens can be in the same learning group. We believe that after the two week break that this is the best time for the change to happen. They will join our outside recess zone rotation, and will allow us to engage in learning activities during the day, when applicable. Most importantly, as we near the end of the year, we can participate in Farewell and other celebrations together. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Myself, Mme Riznek, M Chan, Mrs Simonetto and Mrs King have been in conversations since January to make this transition as safe and effective as possible for everyone.

Les Devoirs:

  • page titre (Les Civilations Anciennes) due EOD demain
  • mercredi- Education Physique et Orchestre
  • vendredi et lundi- Jours de Congé

À demain!

(P.S. I don’t have any official information to share regarding the new/updated announcements from Public Health other than what was shared from Dr Bonnie Henry this afternoon. As clarification emerges from the district and administration here, I will pass it along.)

Le 12 mars

We have made it to Spring Break! A big pat on the back to the students for working through the craziness of term 2, and to parents and families for supporting and assisting them. After intense report writing and productive and constructive conferences, Mme K and I are ready to enjoy the break before Term 3 starts up.

The class seemed to enjoy the movie today, hopefully you get to chat about it. We also enjoyed some yum yum from the class store and thanks to Leila from bringing in some cookies!

During our Grande Ménage this morning, students were encouraged to inventory their supplies and make note of anything that needs replacing or topping up. If you wouldn’t mind checking in with them, we’d really appreciate it. It seemed like many students are out of writing implements like pencils, and many don’t have a calculator, which we will be using moving forward. We will also be using the compass in our geometry kits.

Mme K and I wish you all a restful and enjoyable break, and to enjoy the outside as much as possible! We will you back on March 29!

Bonnes Vacances!

le 9 mars

Another busy day! We made really good progress on our FSAs today and will finish up tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone writing the English 8 Honours Exam this afternoon!

Education Physique will be outside tomorrow as the gym is unavailable, please come dressed prepared for the elements!

Orchestre demain.

Early dismissal demain and jeudi (1:22/1:32) for conferences.

Bring newspapers jeudi.

A demain!

le 8 mars

What a beautiful day! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This week we are writing the FSAs. We started today, and have made good progress. We will continue tomorrow and finish up as needed on Wednesday.

To continue practicing calculating percent and financial literacy, students went on a $1000 “shopping spree” at a website of their choice. Students were “buying” anything from clothes, shoes and books to groceries and home goods, and even a komodo dragon and accessories, very interesting!

***edit*** English 8 Honours Exam tomorrow (Tuesday) 3pm @WGSS***

Just a reminder that Wednesday and Thursday are early dismissal days (1:22 and 1:32) for Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences. Mme K still has some timeslots open if you haven’t signed up yet. Also on Thursday, students please bring in newspaper for a STEM project.

A demain!

le 5 mars

Another busy day!

Students were super engaged this morning as they created and shared their original stories about a celestial phenomenon inspired by Indigenous perspectives, beliefs and values. We used this free and easy website called Vocaroo to record and share our voices. It was fun to see how students tackled this different from of media. Many were uncomfortable by not having to formally write their story before saying it (an element and skill of oral storytelling), and many found it very ‘cringey’ to have to listen their own voice. In the end, I am very impressed with the end products, and happy that we were all successful.

We are exploring the concepts of tax, tip and discount/sale price right now. I encourage you to draw attention to these concepts if they come up this weekend, it’s so powerful for students to see financial literacy in real life.

Report Cards are being/have been published. Mme K and I put a lot of effort into sharing as much as we could about your child and their learning. Please bring your questions, comments, concerns to conferences next week.

Have a wonderful weekend! One more week until Spring Break!

le 2 mars

Good luck to everyone writing the WGSS Math Challenge Exam today!

Today was a busy but productive day! We spent the morning converting between fractions, decimals and percents, and even incorporated some basketball into it! In the afternoon we came up with a list of story elements and a list of elements of First Peoples’ perspectives, values and beliefs. Then in small groups, we incorporated those beliefs into spontaneous stories inspired by constellations, which were shared orally. Lots of creativity! We will continue to build on this tomorrow.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • BYOD demain (Anglais)
  • Rover model jeudi pour Mme K
  • vendredi- les bulletins

A demain!

le 1 mars

WOW! It is March already!

The next couple weeks are going to be busy! We’ve got WGSS Exams, Report Cards, Early Dismissals and P/T Conferences coming up!

Speaking of P/T Conferences: sign up opens today. Mme Kloosterhof and I are offering in-person and virtual meetings, depending on your preference. This term we would really love it if your child attended the conference with you. Also just a heads up- Wednesday I (Mme Soo) will be at the conferences and Thursday it will be Mme Kloosterhof.

TOMORROW- WGSS Math Challenge Exam, 3pm.

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD demain
  • Math- Percentage
  • Travail pour Mme K (Rover model due)
  • vendredi- Bulletins

A demain!

le 24 fevrier

Thanks to everyone who has brought in their WGSS forms. Just a reminder, they are due this Friday.

Please finish your Term 2 Self-Reflections! (link is on Teams under General Tab)

Les Devoirs:

  • travail pour Mme K: share powerpoint, late cover letters, SMART Goals for Term 3, Rover blueprint
  • BYOD demain

A vendredi!

le 19 fevrier

Concours! We are (basically) done! As I said to the class, I was very impressed with the topics and the presentations. I know it’s a tough task, but its also a great learning experience. I didn’t mention this in class today but, while the CPF is not holding the actual Concours this year, we still want to share out our hard work with the other classes that have participated at JKE. I will be selecting 2 speeches that I think would have done well at the competition level, and filming them to be shown to the other 2 classes. We will also get to see speeches from some of their students in return. I will have more info on that next week.

Math Test on Tuesday! Operations with decimals! There will be equations to solve and word problems to get through. Review your notes and any/all work we have done (often I take questions right from them!). Need more? Find some YouTube vids to explain the process, and/or ask around!

Monday is a day off for students. It’s report card season!

Wishing you all a(nother) lovely long weekend. A mardi!