le 18 janvier

Pour demain:

  • finish and print your CV and bring tomorrow
  • finish your research/notes for 7/10 subjects for the poster project (pour les emplois)
  • research ideas for your prototype
  • bring in big cardboard boxes!

Merci! Bonne journée demain!

le 17 janvier

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today we began our novel study of The Giver by Lois Lowry. One of my favourite novels to promote discussion with students. I look forward to reading through it with them over the next few weeks.

We also started discussing Newton’s first law of Motion, the Law of Inertia. Ask them to explain it to you, a really great way to see if they get it or not!

Mr V is asking that students bring in larger size cardboard boxes for their next projects. Maybe if you’re at Costco in the next couple days, you could grab one to send in? He sends his thanks in advance!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre et BYOD demain

À demain!

le 14 janvier

Happy Friday!

I met with each student to hear their topic for Concours, we are in store for a very interesting set of speeches, I’m so excited! Next step is to begin writing our drafts. We will focus initially on their middle of our speech, before tackling the introduction and conclusion.

We met with our petits amis this afternoon to help them scavenge some branches for an upcoming art project. I love watching the bigs and littles together, so fun 🙂

The school has reopened the Spirit Wear ordering website until Jan 21, if you’re interested in ordering some JKE wear. You should have received an email from the school with the link.

Just a reminder that Hot Lunches have been postponed until after Spring Break.

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD lundi

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 13 janvier

Such an improvement over yesterday’s weather! The students’ were able to enjoy their collab time outside!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Musique demain
  • Concours- sujet choisi demain (conference avec Mme)
  • SN- Quiz: La Force demain (image sur Teams de la feuille de notes)

À demain!

le 11 janvier

What an absolute soggy and dreary day it turned into… thanks atmospheric river.

Students worked hard today! We are doing a quick 2 week unit on the Coordinate Plane. They tried out Gizmos for the first time, which has a fun City Tour activity that uses their coordinate knowledge. We are also doing some introductory physics this term- Force and Motion. Students completed a web quest that introduced them to the concept.

Les Devoirs:

  • Concours- sujet choisi vendredi (Conference avec Mme)

À jeudi!

le 10 janvier

An official welcome back! This morning we went over our current Covid protocols, and students were reminded to be diligent about wearing their mask, and to clean their hands regularly.

The weather and conditions outside are not super nice right now, if you wouldn’t mind please reminding your child to dress according to the conditions, that would be most helpful. I heard lots of “my feet are cold” or “my feet are wet” and many were not wearing rain jackets. Merci!

Les Devoirs:

  • Page Titre (La Force et Le Mouvement) due à la fin du jour demain
  • Orchestre demain (pas d’instruments)
  • BYOD demain

À demain!

Tues Jan 4- quick check in

Bonne année les amis!
J’espère que vos vacances se sont bien allées, et que vous êtes en train de profiter d’une semaine extra chez vous 
I am in the process of learning and understanding the information that is being shared with me about next week, and I am awaiting new information this afternoon. As soon I know as much as I can, I will send an email home so everyone knows whats going on.

What does this mean for you? This week there is no learning expectations for you (from me). I encourage you to seek out some brain stimulating activities, so when you come back next week it won’t be so much of a shock.
For example- read something! write a little bit! speak French (even to yourself), watch or listen to something in French. Watch a documentary about something you’re interested in. Try and make some new and/or interesting food. Reach out to friends. Dust off your instrument and play a couple songs from your book.
I miss you all and can’t wait to hear about your breaks!

À la prochain!

Bonne Année!

Hoping you are all having a joyful and restful break!

As you probably have heard, the province has pushed back students’ return to the classroom until Monday January 10. Once I receive more information on Tuesday, I will send all families an email sharing what I can. I encourage you to read the emails sent by the district and Mrs Simonetto, which provide the most up to date information currently available.

Certainly not the start of term 2 anyone was expecting, but hopefully we can make the most of it, safely, and avoid having to do any learning from home.

Stay safe, enjoy the snow(?), and take care.


le 17 décembre

Term 1, 2021, that’s a wrap!

Thanks everyone for the sweet and thoughtful gifts. Mr V and I are so appreciative of your kindness and generosity.

Today was a lot of fun! Students did the 12 Days of Fitness in PE, we tidied our bins, played an epic game of Kahoot, and watched The Croods. Such a fun movie 🙂 Thanks to everyone who brought in yumyums to share.

Just a reminder that we come back on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022.

Wishing you a safe, restful and joyful break.

À la nouvelle année!