le 5 mars

Another busy day!

Students were super engaged this morning as they created and shared their original stories about a celestial phenomenon inspired by Indigenous perspectives, beliefs and values. We used this free and easy website called Vocaroo to record and share our voices. It was fun to see how students tackled this different from of media. Many were uncomfortable by not having to formally write their story before saying it (an element and skill of oral storytelling), and many found it very ‘cringey’ to have to listen their own voice. In the end, I am very impressed with the end products, and happy that we were all successful.

We are exploring the concepts of tax, tip and discount/sale price right now. I encourage you to draw attention to these concepts if they come up this weekend, it’s so powerful for students to see financial literacy in real life.

Report Cards are being/have been published. Mme K and I put a lot of effort into sharing as much as we could about your child and their learning. Please bring your questions, comments, concerns to conferences next week.

Have a wonderful weekend! One more week until Spring Break!

le 4 mars

Today we practiced mock interviews as a continuation of our work in Career Ed. The kids did great coming up with answers on the fly in our “speed dating” style of interviews.

Up next for this then, is interviewing adults in our community about the jobs that they have or have had! If you would like to be interviewed (virtually) by our class in April, please contact me so we can set things up.

Next week, weather permitting, we will be making chairs out of masking tape and newspaper in an ADST competition. This will take place outside, but if the weather is too yucky we will postpone till after Spring Break. In preparation for this, please send along newspaper with your child to school. I will provide the tape. If you have any questions, please contact me.

le 3 mars

Wednesdays are such busy days, but the time flies!

Les Devoirs:

  • Paper Rover model due demain
  • don’t forget to message Mme K an job interview questions
  • overdue SMART Goals due
  • vendredi- BYOD (Anglais) et bulletins

A vendredi!

le 2 mars

Good luck to everyone writing the WGSS Math Challenge Exam today!

Today was a busy but productive day! We spent the morning converting between fractions, decimals and percents, and even incorporated some basketball into it! In the afternoon we came up with a list of story elements and a list of elements of First Peoples’ perspectives, values and beliefs. Then in small groups, we incorporated those beliefs into spontaneous stories inspired by constellations, which were shared orally. Lots of creativity! We will continue to build on this tomorrow.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • BYOD demain (Anglais)
  • Rover model jeudi pour Mme K
  • vendredi- les bulletins

A demain!

le 1 mars

WOW! It is March already!

The next couple weeks are going to be busy! We’ve got WGSS Exams, Report Cards, Early Dismissals and P/T Conferences coming up!

Speaking of P/T Conferences: sign up opens today. Mme Kloosterhof and I are offering in-person and virtual meetings, depending on your preference. This term we would really love it if your child attended the conference with you. Also just a heads up- Wednesday I (Mme Soo) will be at the conferences and Thursday it will be Mme Kloosterhof.

TOMORROW- WGSS Math Challenge Exam, 3pm.

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD demain
  • Math- Percentage
  • Travail pour Mme K (Rover model due)
  • vendredi- Bulletins

A demain!

le 24 fevrier

Thanks to everyone who has brought in their WGSS forms. Just a reminder, they are due this Friday.

Please finish your Term 2 Self-Reflections! (link is on Teams under General Tab)

Les Devoirs:

  • travail pour Mme K: share powerpoint, late cover letters, SMART Goals for Term 3, Rover blueprint
  • BYOD demain

A vendredi!

le 19 fevrier

Concours! We are (basically) done! As I said to the class, I was very impressed with the topics and the presentations. I know it’s a tough task, but its also a great learning experience. I didn’t mention this in class today but, while the CPF is not holding the actual Concours this year, we still want to share out our hard work with the other classes that have participated at JKE. I will be selecting 2 speeches that I think would have done well at the competition level, and filming them to be shown to the other 2 classes. We will also get to see speeches from some of their students in return. I will have more info on that next week.

Math Test on Tuesday! Operations with decimals! There will be equations to solve and word problems to get through. Review your notes and any/all work we have done (often I take questions right from them!). Need more? Find some YouTube vids to explain the process, and/or ask around!

Monday is a day off for students. It’s report card season!

Wishing you all a(nother) lovely long weekend. A mardi!

le 17 fevrier

Love a sunny day!

We went over layups in PE today, I really appreciated everyone’s dedication to practicing and getting the sequencing down, it definitely requires some coordination. Keep practicing!

We heard more speeches today. Hoping to finish up on Friday.

Lots due tomorrow for Mme K- late cover letters, share your Francophonie powerpoints and more presentations.

Friday is a Spirit Day- Funny Friday! (hair, clothes etc)

Monday is a day off for students.

Tuesday- Math test (Operations with decimals (equations and word problems) (order of operations for you know who you are)

Soyez bonne demain! A vendredi!

le 16 fevrier

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had lots to celebrate over the weekend (Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Family Day), how about you?

Concours began today!!! Kudos to everyone to everyone who presented today! We heard 10 great speeches and I look forward to another chunk tomorrow 🙂

We spent the afternoon talking about WGSS Course Selection! We watched the 2 videos WGSS created to explain how course selection works this year, we chatted about the limited ‘choosing’ students have to make this year, deadlines and Honour/Challenge opportunities. Every student went home with a French Immersion course selection sheet WITH their MyEdBC number already written on it (needed to log into MyEd for course selection). The WGSS Course Selection website contains many helpful links to guide you in the process. You will also find the application information/teacher reference forms for English Honours 8 and Math 9 Challenge. I suggested to the students that they give me their teacher reference form when they hand in their Course Selection forms (on/before Feb 26). You should have/be receiving an email from WGSS with all of this information as well. I do have some English stream course selection forms if you need one of those. The student password for MyEdBC is Student$35 (students will be prompted to change their password as soon as they log in).

Important WGSS Course Selections dates:

  • Course selection forms due TO ME by Feb 26
  • Course selection input on MyEdBC by Feb 28
  • Math 9 Challenge Assessment March 2 at WGSS @3pm (masks required, physical distancing will be in order)(sign up online, teacher reference required)
  • English Honours 8 Challenge Assessment March 9 at WGSS @3pm (masks required, physical distancing will be in order)(sign up online, teacher reference required)

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • Concours continue

A demain!