Cinco de Mayo

Today was an active day! We jumped over increasing heights in High Jump and completed a 1000m.

We also started a biography project in honour of Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

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À vendredi!

May the Fourth (be with you)

What a fun day!!

The Star Wars Day themed stuff was fun, but the best part was watching everyone’s Mesopotamian Myth Dramatic Recreations! Very entertaining. Lots of hard work went into them and it was very evident, well done everyone!

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À demain!

le 3 mai

Happy Monday! Happy May!! 2 months left!! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Tomorrow is May the Fourth- dressing accordingly is encouraged!

Tomorrow I am hoping to host a Mesopotamian Myth Film Festival!! I was hoping to have most groups finished filming (and editing as needed?) by EOD today, but will offer a small but productive block for any groups that need it. I think it’s going to be great!

Otherwise, the first week of May will be reasonably light on content, I don’t plan on diving into anything intense this week- more of a wrap up of the last month and easy transitions into new stuff. While it may seem like the end is nigh, we still have lots to cover in the last 8 weeks of the year, buckle up!

À demain!

le 30 avril

Hopefully you received the email from Mrs Sollows with the link for our class photo! Everyone gets a free download.

Thanks to Terry for bringing in yumyums to celebrate his birthday tomorrow- Bonne fête!

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Bonne fin de semaine!

le 29 avril

Our interview with Cst McLaren went very well today! She brought along two of her co-workers, as well as her supervisor, so the kids were able to hear lots of different perspectives and stories in response to their questions. I loved the questions they asked, and we all learned a lot about what it is like to be a police officer.

Homework for next week: be ready to present unless you and I had a conversation today.

le 28 avril

**edit** Just a reminder that Constable McLaren will be joining you tomorrow to answer your amazing questions!

High Jump!! We started high jump today! It dawned on me that students would not have had the opportunity to try out high jump last spring- so we did a thorough introduction, reviewed safety procedures, and tried out our first jumps without and with the pole. SO much fun!

We also had our last review session before the Math test on Friday.

Lastly, the class was introduced to The Royal Game of Ur, a popular pastime in Ancient Mesopotamia. The online version we played in class can be found under WebQuest.

The Royal Game of Ur is noted as the predecessor of Backgammon, and reminded many students of Sorry. It’s really fun, a good blend of chance and strategy!

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  • Research for ADST project due demain
  • vendredi- Math Test, continued prep/filming of Mesopotamian Myth
  • lundi- filming of Mesopotamian Myth

À vendredi!

le 27 avril

Another day in the books. Students continue to work on their Mesopotamian Myth Dramatic Recreation, scripts are due tomorrow, hopefully we can move into the rehearsal/ filming component. We also did a hands on bartering (faire du troc) activity today, to simulate how economies work without currency. Lastly, we applied our algebra knowledge and skills to the concept of balancing scales/preserving equality. We also discussed the test outline for Friday’s Test.

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  • Scripts for Mesopotamian Myth due demain
  • Due jeudi- Research for ADST project
  • vendredi- Algebra Test (I will post outline on Teams)

À demain!

le 26 avril

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Friday evening I received my first dose the Pfizer vaccine. I am happy to report that I only experienced mild symptoms as a result, a very sore arm and mild nausea on Saturday.

This week will be busy again, more related to Mesopotamia and more Math. I cannot believe this is the last week of April!

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    • Mesopotamian Myth Script due mercredi
  • jeudi- Research for ADST project due
  • vendredi- Math Test: Algebra

À demain!

le 23 avril

A busy end to a busy week! Kudos to the class for all their hard work this week!

Some exciting news- I am off to receive my first dose of the COVID19 vaccine! I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity, and if you are still waiting for yours, here’s hoping you don’t have to wait much longer!

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Bonne fin de semaine!

le 21 avril

Another busy Wednesday in the Chalet!

Groups continue to create/perfect their invented games in PE, we did a Science Evaluation on elements, compounds and mixtures, and continue to develop and strengthen our ability to solve 2-step equations- I am really happy and excited about the development that I am seeing!

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À vendredi, soyez bon demain!