le 18 septembre

It was lovely to meet those that came to Meet the Teacher yesterday evening. Hopefully we can meet everyone else during first term conferences later in October.

Today was Fitness Assessment day!

We also talked about First Term Enrichment choices. Mme Asimakis will be asking for your top 3 choices tomorrow. Remember to pick for yourself, not for your friends. The choices this term are: Young Entrepreneurs, Volleyball, Cooking, Improv League.

Les Devoirs:

  • magazines for tomorrow
  • vendredi- jour de congé
  • lundi- Examen de Dictee 1
    • Individual photos
    • Math- Divisibility Rules sheet (don’t explain your reasoning, only do rule 8 for 3/5 numbers on the back
  • mardi- Quiz Et/Est

le 17 septembre


This afternoon we were treated to a very engaging presentation by Dallas Yellowfly of the Blackfoot nation and his multimedia, interactive telling of “How The Raven Stole The Sun”.

Today was the first day students had an assignment due. Overall, the amount of completed submissions could be higher, something we will work on as the year progresses.

Tonight is Meet The Teacher!! Mme Asimakis and I hope that you are able to make it out, we love meeting the parents and families of our students, and would love for them to show you around our room and some of things we have done/will be doing this year.

I have booked the laptops to use tomorrow. I am still waiting for some Technology permission forms, if I do not have yours, you will not be able to participate.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Verification Forms
  • Student Image/Tech Forms
  • Hoodie Orders
  • Entertainment Books
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé

le 16 septembre

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend contained mostly things you enjoyed 🙂

We started our Dictee program today! Each week, students will receive 3 chunks of text over 3 days. Each day we pull out the key vocabulary to review, plus a French grammar ‘rule’ to study throughout the week. The last day of the week, the 3 chunks of text are reworked into the final examen. A quick evaluation of the rule happens the following week. Students should at minimum be reviewing the vocabulary, if not the chunks of text. It is recommended that students review the 3 chunks and anticipate how they might be mixed/changed to form the full test text. Because Friday is a non-instructional day, our Examen de Dictee 1 will take place next Monday, and our Quiz: Et/Est next Tuesday.

Tomorrow evening is Meet The Teacher! Mme Asimakis and I would love it if you (and hopefully your child) were able to pop in, see where your child spends 6ish hours a day and who they spend it with. Please be advised that this is not a time to discuss student specifics, first term conferences are happening in October, or we can set up a meeting for another time. Doors are open from 6:00pm-7:00pm, come and go as you please. *Mme Asimakis will be here between 6:30-7:00 and Mme Soo will be here the entire hour.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Page Titre-La Préhistoire due EOD demain
  • Verification Forms
  • Student Tech/Image forms
  • Gr 7 Hoodie Orders
  • Entertainment Books
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé

le 12 septembre

Happy Friday!


Kudos to our students who were great leaders today! We had our annual Terry Fox Run, and it didn’t rain! I think it’s so important for us to reflect on the effects that one person can have on the lives of many others. Hopefully it inspires us to broaden our intentions to have a greater impact on the world.

Mme Asimakis reported a good day yesterday. She is asking for any old magazines for a project they are working on.

Entertainment Books went home today. Please read the instructions in the bag.

Les Devoirs:

  • Gr 7 Hoodie Orders
  • Verification forms
  • Student Image/Tech permission form (some got sent back, they are double sided!)

Next Week:

  • mardi- Meet The Teacher 6pm-7pm
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé

le 11 septembre

Wow what a busy day!

Felicitations to everyone who did their Moi Dans Un Sac presentations today! Any remaining students, be ready for Friday please!

We had our first gym period today. Students are reminded that in PE we move. A change of clothes is REQUIRED. Parents, a gentle reminder/request (and thank you!) to have a quick reminder/discussion about regular and proper hygienic practices and related aspects.

3 forms went home today requiring your attention:

  1. Verification Form– please read and correct both sides of the form, sign and return.
  2. Yellow Aboriginal Formif it pertains to your child, please complete and return.
  3. Student Image and Technology Permission– please read and sign both sides and return.

Les Devoirs:

  • Moi Dans Un Sac continue vendredi
  • Terry Fox Run vendredi (still collecting money for the foundation)

Reminder that tomorrow is Mme Asimakis’ day, please be as kind, polite and lovely for her as you have been for me. I will see you Friday ❤ 

le 10 septembre

We started our class economy today, ask your child about it 😀

I am really looking forward to your Moi Dans Un Sac presentations tomorrow!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (change of clothes and runners NECESSARY)
  • Moi Dans Un Sac Presentations demain/vendredi
  • Terry Fox money, run vendredi
  • Fournitures?

le 9 septembre

Bienvenue! If this is your first time here, thank you and welcome!

Here you will find homework, announcements, events and reminders, on an almost daily basis. I did not order agendas for the class this year, if you/your child feels like they would like one, you are invited to purchase one on your own time. Students are welcome (and recommended) to take photo of the homework at the end of each day OR reference this blog. If you input your email address just to the right ————————————————-> and hit FOLLOW, you will receive an email every time a post is added. It’s that easy!

It’s also a great place to check for upcoming events if you have been absent. “I didn’t know” will not suffice as an excuse.

Les Devoirs:

  • apportez les fournitures
  • Orchestre demain
  • Moi Dans Un Sac presentations mercredi et vendredi
  • Bienvenue lettre aux parents (bravo!)
  • PAC lettre aux parents


***les amis, bravo pour avoir accompli ton devoir aujourd’hui. Pour recevoir un prix demain, vient me voir dans le matin tout seul et demande-moi combien j’adore mes chats, Cally et Artemis 🙂 


I hope you all had a wonderful summer, and that your first week as a grade 8 student (or parent of a grade 8 student) has made you excited for the rest of the year!

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Come back and visit! Be kind and take care of each other ❤