le 19 janvier

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • BYOD- Concours (middle paragraphs due EOD vendredi)
  • Math- comparing/ordering decimals and fractions
  • SN- Ligne Chronologique due EOD demain

le 14 janvier

Good afternoon Div 1 famillies.

Some of your children will be coming home incredibly muddy today. Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear, and a change of clothing, even on beautiful January days like today.

Victims of today’s muddy field. Please ensure appropriate footwear is coming to school with your child.

Today we started the day with a “$100 Word Challenge” to warm up our brains. Each letter in the alphabet was assigned a monetary value and students raced to see who could come up with a word worth $100 first–shout out to K.B. and O.B. for their $100 words (telephone and payphone.) They also had to come up with the most expensive word they could figure out–shout out to I.F. for a whopping $478 word (Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis… yikes…)

The three winners of today’s challenge will receive a candy bar next week. Now I need to think of our next challenge….

Additionally, we are starting a new research project and diving into La Francophonie. I posted a list of countries to choose from on Teams. Students will pick one country and will need to give me three reasons or interesting facts about that country to justify their choice on Thursday.

le 13 janvier

So nice to see the sun today, even though it makes it very chilly outside.

Personal devices can be left at home tomorrow, just remember to bring them back for Friday!

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi- Concours sujet choisi et Proficiency Scale Project due EOD

A vendredi!

le 12 janvier

What a soggy day!

This morning we started researching and planning our speeches. The goal is to have subjects chosen and research complete by end of this week.

We read a nonfiction article on how the solar system was formed. We are really focusing on annotating text to develop better understanding.

Lastly, we had the whole afternoon to work on our Proficiency Scale Project, which proved to be too long. While 2 more work periods will be given before the final deadline of end of day Friday, they will be shortened to encourage maximum efficiency.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • BYOD pour Concours
  • Proficiency Scale Project due EOD vendredi

A demain!

Le 11 janvier

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend 🙂

Today was a busy day. We kicked off Concours by going over the rules and rubric. Tomorrow our research and planning begins and subjects need to be officially chosen by Friday. See the attachment below for further information.

We also practiced annotating a nonfiction text about space and worked on expanding our comprehension and rephrasing skills.

This afternoon we began to further understand the Proficiency scales. Each student will create 4 levels of the same project which demonstrate the 4 levels of proficiency. Below are the examples we saw in class.

Students were told today that if they have their own laptops that you are comfortable with bringing in to work on Concours (and the Proficiency scale project by chance) that they can start bringing them in tomorrow. Please do not feel pressured, we have plenty of tech for the research and planning stages. They can be locked in my cupboard when not in use of you like.

À demain!

Le 8 janvier

Happy Friday!
The students worked hard today, in both French and English. We finished the way with some fitness and open gym and a quick work block.

Next week we officially start Concours d’Arts Oratoire, the annual French speech competition. In 6 weeks, students will research, write, revise, practice and present their 3-5 minute speeches on the topic of their choice. On Monday, we will Review the criteria and rules and go over the schedule, and students will spend the week brainstorming possible topics and conducting research. Students will need to have their topics chosen for Friday. I encouraged students to think about possible topics over the weekend, ESPECIALLY about topics that are more than just described. Students always find more success when their topic contains a « so what » element. I will be suggesting that students who have their own laptops bring them to school if you and they are comfortable, as ours here are 100% not reliable and using iPads is not ideal.

Otherwise, Monday we have Band.

Have a lovely weekend! À lundi!

Le 6 janvier

We extended on our KAKIZOME words today by finding quotes that incorporate word and intention. I love the selection of quotes the class selected. Each student created a visual of their quote which will be displayed around the room for the duration of term 2. Bravo les amis!

Les Devoirs

  • Profitez du beau météo!

À vendredi!

Le 5 janvier

Welcome back! Hope you all had a restful break!

We are easing back into things in the chalet, but also remembering that Term 2 is VERY short. We have a lot to cover in only a few weeks.

We learned about the Japanese ritual of KAKIZOME, a tradition of choosing a word to focus intention toward. The students did an activity where they chose a word from a wordsearch list, and reflected on why that word and how they will act on it during term 2.

A fun wandering activity about what we did during the break and what we hope for in 2021.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education physique et Orchestre demain

Le 18 décembre

We made it!!! A full term under covid restrictions and uncertainty and everything. Everyone definitely gets a big pat on the back. Thank you so so so much, parents, for all your hard work and support this term, Mme K and I really appreciate it.

Another successful wrap-a-table campaign this year!

We had a fun day, we watched the JKE Concert, we played some kahoot, we watched The Croods and ate some yumyums. We also saw the trailer for The Croods 2 and it looks really good! It was released today for rental if you need something new to watch 🙂

Thank you so very much for the sweet gifts. So much thought went into them and they will be out to good use. The heartfelt messages in your cards are always my favourite part 💜

Mme K and I wish you all a wonderful, restful and safe holiday break, and if you’re celebrating anything, have a wonderful time! While the plan is to see you all again on Jan 5, who knows what will happen between then and now. Until then, let us not fret on what we can’t control, and enjoy some quality time wit one we love.