le 21 juin

Joyeuses Fêtes des Pères! Désolé, I was quite busy yesterday and forgot to post.

Today was a very busy and fun day! The guiding theme of our day was National Indigenous People’s Day. We started the morning by watching a greeting message, and a drumming and song from the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil’Waututh nations.

Then, we headed outside where Spencer taught us a traditional Haida Hoop and Stick game, and Isaac taught us a Roman Gladiator Game.

We are also developing our ability to create an infographic and are incorporating our knowledge of Indigenous Peoples’ Culture and History at the same time 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • On partage les jeux des projets de SH demain
  • Projets #5 de SH due aussi vite que possible
  • anyone with outstanding curricular and core competency self-reflection are in at lunch tomorrow.

À demain!

le 29 avril

Our interview with Cst McLaren went very well today! She brought along two of her co-workers, as well as her supervisor, so the kids were able to hear lots of different perspectives and stories in response to their questions. I loved the questions they asked, and we all learned a lot about what it is like to be a police officer.

Homework for next week: be ready to present unless you and I had a conversation today.

le 15 avril

Wow what an absolutely glorious day out! We soaked up the sun at recess and while we waited for our class photo (can’t wait to see how it turned out since we were on the playground this year!) Homework for Kloosterhof: mental health brochures due next Thursday, questions for Cst. MacLaren due via Teams next Wednesday. See you next week!

le 8 avril

Happy Thursday! There is a new assignment for Health, all the details plus a rubric are on Microsoft Teams. Thanks for some great conversations today Div. 1!

le 4 mars

Today we practiced mock interviews as a continuation of our work in Career Ed. The kids did great coming up with answers on the fly in our “speed dating” style of interviews.

Up next for this then, is interviewing adults in our community about the jobs that they have or have had! If you would like to be interviewed (virtually) by our class in April, please contact me so we can set things up.

Next week, weather permitting, we will be making chairs out of masking tape and newspaper in an ADST competition. This will take place outside, but if the weather is too yucky we will postpone till after Spring Break. In preparation for this, please send along newspaper with your child to school. I will provide the tape. If you have any questions, please contact me.

le 4 février

This morning we learned the story of Lester Brown, a Canadian veteran from the Second World War, and it led to some good conversations about Canada’s history and some of the racism people have suffered here.

Two quotes and some question prompts that led to some great pieces of writing from the kids.

You can follow this link to hear Lester Brown tell his story: https://www.thememoryproject.com/stories/2296:lester-brown/

Homework for Mme Kloosterhof for next week: sharing la francophonie projects in small groups, and simple cover letter are due Thursday, February 11.

le 28 janvier

We had a great conversation this morning about mental health and how to take care of yourself, in light of Bell Let’s Talk Day today.

The kids came up with lots of ideas about how to take care of your mental health.

They also worked very hard on their la francophonie country research projects. These will be due February 11, where they will present in small groups–something a little different than what we’ve done before. We will continue next week with our work on Careers.