Just a reminder that tomorrow is The Big Cleanup. We will be emptying out all our stuff and bringing it home. I suggest that everyone bring an extra bag or two.

Tomorrow is also our Lip Synch Battle! Both the presentations and the lyric analysis are due.

I am still collecting items for the class auction, which is taking place on Tuesday. Thanks in advance!

le 13 mai

Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂

Grade 7 Girls High Jump tomorrow at noon.

I am DESPERATE for 2 more drivers for our field trip on Wednesday. Unfortunately I will have to cancel the trip otherwise. Please email me ASAP. As well, please return permission forms ASAP.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Math- Balancing Equations package due demain
  • Mercredi- TWU Field Trip (hopefully!)

Today I assigned our final Socials project of the year. We will be creating a class museum of ancient history the first week of June. Each student is tasked to become a curator for a specific ancient civilization and “pillar of civilization”. They will research and become experts in their field, create 2 different artefacts and do a write-up explaining their artefacts and how they relate to their pillar and civilization. On Wednesday, June 5th, we will set up us class into exhibits to portray our artefacts, and other classes will be invited to come and tour our museum. Each student received an outline of the project and its criteria as well as they rubric I will be using to evaluate their contributions.

Le 24 avril

Today was one of my favourite days of the school year. Mr Baker, a former teacher, current Abbotsford police office and parent in our class, came in to chat with the grade sevens about drug use. 339AB5BF-1BE7-442C-B627-5A5AA5262BA1What I really like about his chat, is that it’s not about telling them things, because, as you know, 12/13 year olds are always right, and know everything. He asks him what they know, shares his own knowledge, and reminds them that every choice we make has consequences, whether good or bad. We listened to a 911 call about a girl who was overdosing at a party, and watched some videos on the effects of drugs on a couple individuals. Lastly, he asked them what their plan is if and when they are offered drugs. Often saying no and walking away isn’t an option. So, what’s your plan? I suggest debriefing with your child about today. Ask them what their plan is, maybe help them develop some strategies. One suggestion we teachers make is for you to have a code word that your child can text that notifies you that they need removal from a situation (perhaps no questions asked).

Today was a crazy day! There is no homework except that Jump Rope envelopes are due back tomorrow, even if you didn’t fundraiser anything, we ask for all envelopes to be returned.

A few upcoming events next week:

Monday- PAWS Assembly

Tuesday- French movie field trip

Wednesday- Track and Field Day

Thursday- “Screenagers” presentation

Friday- Pro D Day

And camp is the following week!!! CRAZY!!!



Joyeuses Pacques everyone!! Hope your long weekend has been eggstra special!

Just a couple reminders for tomorrow- we have band, don’t forget your instruments! Also, the Changements Physiques et Chimiques Mini Projet is due tomorrow. Don’t forget to use the links on the web quest page.

Ă€ demain!

le 15 octobre

Hope you had a lovely weekend! A big pat on the back to all the students who wrote the Math Retest today!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Les Questions #1-20 Estival au Ludothèque due demain
  • Hoodie orders due Oct 17
  • Examen de Dictee 4 mercredi
  • Vendredi- Jour de Conge

A couple of new class regulations were introduced today. First– instruments are no longer permitted to stay overnight without a coupon. Band expectations include regular practice, which is not possible when instruments are not at home. A fine of $2/day will occur to any instrument left after school, weekends included. Second– students wishing to eat outside of the normally permitted times (snack, lunch and silent reading) will pay a daily fee of $4. Students that are habitually hungry before snack are encouraged to eat a balanced, nutritional breakfast before school to fuel themselves for the morning.

Sign ups are open for Parent Teacher Conferences next week. Hope to see you all.