le 14 janvier

Good afternoon Div 1 famillies.

Some of your children will be coming home incredibly muddy today. Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear, and a change of clothing, even on beautiful January days like today.

Victims of today’s muddy field. Please ensure appropriate footwear is coming to school with your child.

Today we started the day with a “$100 Word Challenge” to warm up our brains. Each letter in the alphabet was assigned a monetary value and students raced to see who could come up with a word worth $100 first–shout out to K.B. and O.B. for their $100 words (telephone and payphone.) They also had to come up with the most expensive word they could figure out–shout out to I.F. for a whopping $478 word (Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis… yikes…)

The three winners of today’s challenge will receive a candy bar next week. Now I need to think of our next challenge….

Additionally, we are starting a new research project and diving into La Francophonie. I posted a list of countries to choose from on Teams. Students will pick one country and will need to give me three reasons or interesting facts about that country to justify their choice on Thursday.

le 18 décembre

Hello all! Mme Kloosterhof here.

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and cards! You all are so thoughtful, thank you.

This Thursday went a bit better than the last few–we will continue to work on this in the new year. Thank you again for your continued support!

Have a wonderful, restful break. See you again in 2021!

Enjoying a coffee from you all 😉
Merry Christmas!

Le 10 décembre

Good afternoon Div. 1 famillies.

Over the past couple weeks I have noticed some behaviour on Thursdays that we need to work on as a class. We had a chat at lunch today, and I reminded the students that Mme. Soo’s expectations and mine are the same throughout the week. However, some students have become quite rude on Thursdays–talking back, not listening to instructions, interrupting myself or other students, wandering around the room, and talking out of turn.

This is not okay. Behaviour like this impacts the whole class, and hinders our learning potential. Would you mind checking in with your child, and reminding them of appropriate classroom behaviour?

Your continued support is appreciated,

–Mme Kloosterhof

le 19 novembre

We started today with a journal entry about what we are thankful for in Div 1 and a lot of students wrote about the sunshine this morning. I felt the same way!

Not everyone had their research done for their ADST projects today unfortunately. However, we are still going to begin presenting next week (November 26.) There is a list in our class’ Microsoft Teams of who is presenting when.

As a class, we created a list of expectations for the presentations, and from that I created our rubric. I have attached both here.

Research must be finished by next Thursday. There will be no more class time allotted for research or creation, as we will start watching the presentations in one week, and they have had three days’ worth of classes to work on these projects.

Here is the rubric based off of our class discussion today.
Here are the expectations from our class discussion today.

le 12 novembre

A short post today!

We started a big ADST (Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies) inquiry project this morning that we will be working on tomorrow as well. Your child might have brought home a worksheet to help them brainstorm questions if they did not finish it in class today.

Check in with your child about their project ideas, they all had great topics they were working on!

le 26 octobre

Mismatched Monday was quite the success! Love seeing the school spirit! Tomorrow is Tie Dye Tuesday!

Parent-Teacher conferences start tomorrow. Early dismissal 1:22/1:32. Students are encouraged to accompany their parents, unless parents want to talk without them. If you selected a virtual meeting, you should receive an email with the invitation link later today. If we are meeting in person, please see Mrs Simonetto’s email regarding health and safety procedures. We are aiming for 10 or 15 minute conferences, should we need more time we can schedule another meeting for another time. If you have not yet signed up for conferences, please email me directly and I will let you know what times I have left.

Students have lots of assignments/projects on their plates right now:

  • Mon Passe-Temps Préféré paragraphs are due ASAP. Students were shown this afternoon how to share documents (logged into office using their school accounts).
  • Travel Brochure (Mme Kloosterhof) – powerpoint with instructions/rubric can be found on Teams under Files
  • Sciences Humaines- Projet de Construction due vendredi

À demain 🙂

le 29 septembre

Such a beautiful day outside! So happy the students get to spend time outside in the fresh air! I also love how inclusive and enthusiastic they are!

We all logged onto Teams and Office.com today… despite me giving them incorrect instructions…we will be using both throughout the year, so the more efficient they get at logging in the better.

Here is today’s math. Many/most students finished during independent work time.

Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day!

Les Devoirs:

  • Math (see above)
  • Demain: Education Physique, La Musique