This Is It!


Give yourselves a big pat on the back. Elementary school is done, now it’s on to bigger and better adventures.

Thank you to everyone for the most incredible gifts. I am absolutely at a loss of words to express my gratitude and emotions. I definitely shed some tears when opening them. This year may have had some bumps, but in the end, you are all lovely and will blossom as you move forward.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer, and all the best in September, wherever you decide to continue your studies. And always remember:


Let’s finish this. Say it with me. Division One, Roll Out!

le 25 juin

Auction Day!!


Auction Goodies!!


Monies Collected!

Thanks again to everyone who sent something in for the auction We had so much stuff and almost everyone was able to win something. If they seem to be a hyped up on sugar, they probably are. It was mostly food for sure.

See you tonight! Reminder:

  • Doors open at 6:00, first 350 people get chairs, then its standing room only
  • 6:15 ceremony
  • 7:45 Dance SIGN IN, the parent must sign their child in. At that point, if the student has a phone, the parent can take it or it will be locked up in office until the dance is over
  • 9:00 pick up

Another reminder: TOMORROW IS CULTUS!

Come prepared, we have no idea what kind of weather we are going to get. It’s also a really long day so a positive attitude will be appreciative.

We anticipate returning to JKE between 5:45 and 6:00pm tomorrow. The buses pick us up from Cultus at 4:30. We will be updating the office on our progress.

Phones are NOT PERMITTED tomorrow. If they are seen they will get taken away. Staff will have their devices if contact is needed. Thank you in advance.

le 5 juin

Today was Museum Day! Division 1 did an AMAZING job today showcasing their artifacts and sharing their knowledge with the staff and students of JKE. It was a tiring day, and probably quite repetitive, but the amount of positive feedback I got from visitors makes up for it! Bravo les amis!

I am going to mark the projects now, and everything can be taken home tomorrow. I will give back the evaluations on Friday.

Juicicle sales will happen again on Friday.

Please return Cultus permissions and payments.

There is nothing due for Friday, except that we have band, there is a concert next week! Enjoy a well deserved rest!

Projet de Musee

For Wednesday, each student should come prepped with:

  • 2 artifacts, labeled
  • 1 piece of writing
    • 1 paragraph per artifact
    • probably at least 1 other paragraph
      • a bibliography **automatic zero without one
        • also, 1 or 2 sources is a bit weak

Each group needs:

  • sign with name of civilization
  • map of civilization

*group mark out of 10 for those two components, as well as overall cohesion and presentation of exhibit

There will be NO. time Wednesday to finish things off. We will be setting up our exhibits and welcoming other classes through as soon as possible that morning.

Use the rubric to guide your writing. Projet de Musée RubrqiueAnc Civ Musee projet Not only should you be describing your artifact, you need to relate it back to your pillar and your civilization. YOU are the expert, prove it.

I can’t wait to see your hard work on display!!

le 29 mai

The concert today went really well! Our grade 7s sounded great! Kudos to the students who got up to do a solo during the last song! We also got to hear the other schools play, as well as the Gr 7 Honour Band that WGSS runs. They played an AMAZING rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

During PE today, Danika and Bela taught us a dance lesson, focusing on warm up and technique that you find in many dance classes. Thanks to all the students who participated with a good, positive attitude. Others need some serious improvement in that area.

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi: Orchestre
    • Math- Circumference package (pg 155-158)
    • SN- Mixtures seek and find (bonus for coloured)
    • SH- Projet de Musee due mercredi! (see yesterday’s post for more details)

le 15 avril

It was with a sad heart that I share with you the passing of Mme Fontaine after an extremely courageous and graceful battle with cancer. Some of the students in our class had her in grade 3, and many others knew of her. She was unfailingly kind and gracious and will be incredibly missed. Mrs King announced it to the class this morning, as I struggled with my emotions, and I appreciate the level of maturity Division 1 showed throughout the day. Please check in with your child this afternoon or evening, as we all process grief in different ways.

Math test was postponed until tomorrow.

Les Devoirs

  • Orchestre demain
  • Math test demain (calculating percent, tax, tip, discount)
  • SN- Changement Physique/Chimique feuille
  • SH- Page Titre- Les Civilisations Anciennes due EOD demain (probablement temps en classe)
  • Camp forms due wednesday
  • Playland and French Film forms due ASAP

le 21 décembre

WE MADE IT!!! Woohoo!!!!

IMG_3060The WGSS Holiday Extravaganza was SO MUCH FUN!!! Lots of fun activities, lots of friendly faces, a great way to spend our final day. Thanks to everyone who brought things to donate.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful cards and gifts and wonderful things. I am so thankful and overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and kindheartedness! ❤ ❤ ❤

I wish you all the most restful and joyful holiday break. I hope it is filled with all the things you wish for, but most of all, time with your loved ones making memories.

From my family to yours ❤


I just sent out the welcome email to the online grade book program I use- TeacherEase. This will allow you to check real-time how your child is doing. If you have any questions about particular assignments, please speak with your child first, then contact me.

Please keep in mind that this is a general overview of your child’s progress, not necessarily their actual grade on their upcoming report card (but it will be close).

Also a note- Mme Chan is covering English, Health and Careers, so marks may not be update in those subjects very frequently.

le 14 septembre

Salut! If you are here then you have done your homework! Welcome to the home of Mme Soo and Division 1 of JKE. Here you will find daily posts updating homework, class and school events and other things.

If you would like be to notified in your email every time a new post has been added, I suggest you click the follow button to the right of the screen.

*if you are receiving an email with this post and it no longer applies to you, please click the the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email you received.

Les Devoirs:

  • Moi Dans Un Sac presentations commence lundi
  • “Ego-portrait” due EOD lundi
  • feuille mauve (Welcome Back) aux parents

Some upcoming events next week include:

  • Individual photos Thursday
  • Meet The Teacher Thursday evening
  • Early Dismissal Friday 11:30 for School Improvement Day

Bonne fin de semaine!