le 24 juin

3. More. Days!

Today we began setting up and decorating the gym for tomorrow. It’s starting to look pretty good! Tomorrow we will be in there for the morning, finishing decorating, and doing a run through of the ceremony.

Tomorrow afternoon is our Class Auction! Thank you to everyone who has donated something for it, I really appreciate it! I am still collecting items if you have anything last minute to send.

Just a reminder about tomorrow:


6:00 – Families arrive

There will be chairs for the first 350 guests and benches and standing room IF we go over that.  No tickets required.   

6:15 – Ceremony (certificates, speeches, baby picture slide show)

7:15 – 7:45 – cleanup with parents

7:45students sign in/drop off phone with teachers

7:45 – 9:00 – Dance  (students only, teachers will chaperone, small parent crew will be helping with food and clean up)

9:00 – Parents pick up students at JKE


le 21 juin

Today we were treated to the Grad Walk of the WGSS Graduating Class of 2019. It was so lovely to see some former students walk the halls. They even played outside with our students before and during recess. A great time!

Today was our Bataille de Lip Synch. I can happily say that every group performed and did a great job. Bravo!

Today was also our Big Cleanout. Every student should be coming home with all their stuff from this year. You’re welcome. They should also have their Token of Appreciation from the JKE Staff for you. Thank you for everything this year!

Next week at a glance:

  • Monday- in the gym all day preparing for Farewell
  • Tuesday- AM in gym finishing up, PM Class Auction (I am still collecting items!)
    • Tuesday evening-Farewell 6:00pm
  • Wednesday-Cultus (late return to school)
  • Thursday- Year-End Assembly, Report Cards, 11:30 Dismissal (I will be here!)

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 18 juin

Talent Show 2019! Mad props to Levi, Trevin, Natalie and Ashlyn who performed for us today!

Class Auction was announced for next Tuesday. I sent an email to you this morning detailing some items that are always well received. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Sports Day is tomorrow! We picked our teams, we know our colours, we should be ready to do our jobs tomorrow. Please come dressed (appropriately) ready for tomorrow! Sunscreen, water bottle, hat, lots of food etc.

Bataille de Lip Synch on Friday! Be ready!

le 17 juin

The grade 7s spent most of the day preparing for Sports Day on Friday. Fingers crossed things go well on Wednesday!

The results of the Math test today were a little disappointing.

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain (instruments not needed)
  • Talent Show demain

le 14 juin

Our Chemistry Exam was today. I have marked a few pages so far and it’s looking fairly decent. Many students are doing very well, which shows preparation and revision on their part. Bravo!

Monday is our Math Test on Circles. Here is the Revision Page for preparation. 

Monday is also our Sports Day run through.

Tuesday is the Talent Show.

Wednesday is Sports Day.

Friday- Bataille de Lip Synch!

le 12 juin

Band Concert Day! The matinee went well (it was warm though… wow). Tonight, grade 7s are instructed to arrive between 6:45 and 7 (earlier is fine), to the music room. We won’t be setting up our instruments until later in the evening. Devices are fine for the waiting time as long as appropriate usage is occurring. They are to be stored away during the performance, not in your pocket. I will hold on to them if you like. Please dress appropriately. Dark coloured clothes but not heavy! It’s going to be just as warm this evening!

Friday is our Chemistry exam. PLEASE STUDY. I do not use the word exam lightly. Use the  green feuille de revision to help guide your studying!

Area of circles math is due Friday.

Cultus permission forms due Monday.

Math test Monday- all things circles. I will have a review sheet Friday.

Battaille de Lip Synch- next Friday!

le 11 juin

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I attended Mme Fontaine’s Celebration of Life in the afternoon, which was lovely.

Tomorrow is the final Band Concert of the year. Matinee at 1:00pm and evening show at 7:00pm. Students are encouraged to wear black/dark colours. It’s going to be very warm tomorrow so dress lightly as well. Students are reminded that performing at the evening show is strongly recommended.

Students were assigned their final French project of the year. We are having a Lip Synch Battle! In groups, students have chosen their songs, and are preparing their presentations. If you have never seen an episode of the actual show, I suggest you check it out. Each group must also analyze the lyrics, identifying and explaining the figurative language found in the song (we are studying poetry this term). There are 4 more work periods (2 iPads and 2 laptops), and the Battle is happening next Friday, June 21.

Our final Science test is happening on Friday- La Chimie. I sent home a test outline on green paper yesterday, containing all the vocabulary/concepts we have studied this term.

We are currently studying circles in Math, and will be having our unit test on Monday. I will have a criteria sheet on Friday. There is a Math worksheet (area of circles) due tomorrow.

Cultus Lake permission forms and payment is due Monday!

À demain.

le 5 juin

Today was Museum Day! Division 1 did an AMAZING job today showcasing their artifacts and sharing their knowledge with the staff and students of JKE. It was a tiring day, and probably quite repetitive, but the amount of positive feedback I got from visitors makes up for it! Bravo les amis!

I am going to mark the projects now, and everything can be taken home tomorrow. I will give back the evaluations on Friday.

Juicicle sales will happen again on Friday.

Please return Cultus permissions and payments.

There is nothing due for Friday, except that we have band, there is a concert next week! Enjoy a well deserved rest!

le 3 juin

We were an energetic bunch today, wow. Thank you so much to everyone who was on task, worked hard, and had a positive attitude today. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

I think the students are getting a real sense of what next year will be like. We have a lot of work to be completed across subject areas, and the reasoning that “I chose to complete one task over another” doesn’t fly with 8 different teachers in high school. Yes, we have a lot of work to complete, but there is ample class time given to complete a lot of things, and those that choose to chat, be off task and not dedicate their focus and attention to the task at hand will quickly find their plate very full.

I am SUPER excited about our Musee projet on Wednesday. Lots of students described their artifacts that they completed over the weekend. I really think we are in store for quite the exhibit! Parents, if you are free on Wednesday, you are welcome to drop in and take a look!

Here is a great website to help with your bibliography. Remember- you get an automatic zero without one. Give credit where credit is due.

Cultus Lake Waterslide permission forms went home today. Date back is Monday June 17.  Asides from Farewell, this is our last big event!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Math- drawing circles (hope you grabbed the enlarged graphic for question 6)
  • SN- Les Méthodes de Separation- verification de connaissance demain (links on WebQuest)
  • SH- Musee mercredi

Projet de Musee

For Wednesday, each student should come prepped with:

  • 2 artifacts, labeled
  • 1 piece of writing
    • 1 paragraph per artifact
    • probably at least 1 other paragraph
      • a bibliography **automatic zero without one
        • also, 1 or 2 sources is a bit weak

Each group needs:

  • sign with name of civilization
  • map of civilization

*group mark out of 10 for those two components, as well as overall cohesion and presentation of exhibit

There will be NO. time Wednesday to finish things off. We will be setting up our exhibits and welcoming other classes through as soon as possible that morning.

Use the rubric to guide your writing. Projet de Musée RubrqiueAnc Civ Musee projet Not only should you be describing your artifact, you need to relate it back to your pillar and your civilization. YOU are the expert, prove it.

I can’t wait to see your hard work on display!!