Le 12 décembre

I would say Wrap-A-Desk was very successful this year! Students could use their class money to sit at a festively wrapped table with a friend this week. So fun ☺️

Today was lovely. Thank you so much to Mme Riznek and both classes for organizing such a sweet little gathering for me. My heart is so full and I so appreciate all the gestures 💜

Some of us watched the primary concert this afternoon, which was adorable. Students could choose between attending the concert or hanging out in Mme Riznek’s class.

Tomorrow is our turn to perform! Our Matinee concert is at 1pm and the evening concert at 6:30. I am waiting on final details for drop off time tomorrow evening, and will let you know when I hear more. All students should remember their instruments and music. Gr 7s are wearing all black and grade 6s are dressing festive.

The rest of the week:

  • Wednesday- no Mme Soo, Education physique
  • jeudi- Mme Shak’s last day
  • vendredi- diner chaud, last day before winter break

À demain!

le 9 décembre

It was Cozy Day in the Chalet today!

For the most part we were busy little bees, finishing up Socials and English. Our banner for the Winter Concert is done! We were also able to visit the Soo-permarché (for the last time), and I served up some hot chocolate and cookies for everyone.

Term 1 Report Cards should be available for your reading enjoyment. Mme Shak, Mme Riznek and I spent a great deal of time observing, assessing and evaluating Div 3 across the subject areas, and hopefully have eloquently shared those findings with you. You will also find your own child’s words in their report, something I feel very strongly about. I also think that their reflections are a great talking point with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will not be checking my email this weekend, I have a lot going on at home these days (please see my email), but will certainly get back to you early next week.

Next Week:

  • lundi- Primary Winter Concert (1:00 and 6:30pm)
    • 7s- Math Games
  • mardi- Intermediate Winter Concert (1:00 and 6:30pm)
    • Mme Soo’s possible last day (again, see my email)
  • mercredi- Education Physique
  • jeudi- Mme Shak’s last day
  • vendredi- Diner Chaud (Subway), class cleanup before the break.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, à lundi!

Demain: le 9 décembre

Good afternoon! Sorry for no post yesterday, but of a crazy afternoon.

Hope you had a good day with Mme Shak. Just a reminder that her last day is next Thursday.

Just wanted to update and remind about tomorrow:

  • There will not be Enrichment tomorrow, the teachers feel that we don’t need a final session now that Young Entrepreneurs has wrapped up.
  • We have some things to finish up tomorrow- 7s: your Agricultural Revolution advertisement is due, 6s- some of you have a Math Quiz to write. Many of you need to finish up your Winter Tradition one pager and your Happy Holidays art piece.
  • in the afternoon we will have some cozy time, the Soo-permarche will be open and I have a little something planned for you.

Term 1 report cards will also be published in the afternoon.

À demain!

le 6 decembre

This morning we started with another On Partage. Students picked a superpower they’d like to have and explained why.

We also continued working on our English one-pagers.

We switched off for Socials after recess.

Band and Math after lunch, students are preparing for the concert next week!

Les Devoirs:

  • Young Entrepreneur Fair tomorrow (no gym)
  • 6mes- Math Quiz: Les Suites Numériques et Les Machines Entree/Sortie
  • Giving Trees
  • vendredi- Last Enrichment for Term 1
    • Term 1 Report Cards published
    • Let’s have a Cozy Day?!

À demain!

le 5 decembre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today we started a winter holiday project to finish up our English this term. Students are researching different winter traditions from around the world and creating one-page non-fiction documents incorporating various text features. A part of their final assessment is a conference with me where we discuss which text features the included and why (none isn’t an option!) Once they are done I’ll print them and post them up so everyone can learn about different cultures and traditions, so fun!

We are also incorporating the idea of diversity and inclusion into our decorative banner for the gym. Students have all selected a different language and have researched how to say Happy Holidays (or Merry Christmas if it’s applicable) in that language, and the flag of a country that speaks that language. We will compile their artistic pieces onto a class banner which you will be able to see at the Winter Concert next week.

Giving Trees are ongoing this week. There are tags still on the trees in the foyer, if your family hasn’t grabbed one yet, it’s a great way to give back this time of year 🙂

Our Young Entrepreneur Fair is on Wednesday, which was one of our Enrichment choices this term. Our class will be going to check out the various products Wednesday morning if you’d like to send along some pocket change. We have 5 students from Div 3 participating!

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain (only 2 more classes til the concert!)
  • 6mes- Math: Quiz mercredi (Les Suites Numériques et les Machines Entrée/Sortie
    • SH- Collaboration Globale Qs

À demain!

le 2 decembre

I cannot believe it’s December already!!! Today was 90s Day, so fun! I wore my JEM sweatshirt 😀 (80s I know but I watched it in the 90s)

Also, Fridays are soooooo busy! We did lots of English today as we try and wrap up our Non-Fiction Text Structure stuff. Thanks to everyone for working so diligently this afternoon on their writing.

Just a reminder for your compare and contrast paragraphs:

  • introduction sentence
  • 3 ideas (with details)
  • concluding sentence

Les Devoirs:

  • 6mes- SH- Collaboration Globale Qs
    • Math- Number Patterns paquet
  • 7me Math?
  • Giving Trees- thanks to everyone for bringing in coins for the coin drive. There are still LOTS of tags on the trees. Giving Trees will continue all next week as well. Thank you for your support!

I will be spending the weekend writing report cards. Students spent several days this week doing their own self-reflections about their learning, I can’t wait for you to read their thoughts!

Bonne fin de semaine!

Le 29 octobre

Another busy day!

We did another On Partage this morning, “what would you do with $1 million?” We have some very generous students in Div 3! Then the students compiled their Dictee results and looked over their On Partage feedback in order the complete their French Self-Reflection. You will get to read their thoughts in their report card.

We switched off for Socials. Gr 7s are wrapping up the term by discussing the Agricultural (or Neolithic) Revolution.

After lunch, Band and Math happened. Our 6s have started examining number patterns to wrap up the term, and 7s continue to work through operations with decimals. In Band, final preparations are happening for our Winter Concert.

Then, the snow started. I hope you all made it home safe, and remain safe. For those that may be curious, the district will decide and announce school closures by 6:30 that day. Please check the district website or their social media pages, or listen to the news for the most up to date information. School staff find out the same way you do.

Les Devoirs:

  • Demain: Éducation Physique
  • 6mes- SH- Collaboration Globale Questions
    • Math-input/output machine feuille
  • Giving Trees- Tags and Coin Drive
  • vendredi- 90s Day, Enrichment

le 28 novembre

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today was a very busy day. Lots of catch up work, some English and Math, the Soo-permarché was open. It must be report card season.

It’s going to be chilly this week, please remind your child to dress accordingly!

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Orchestre
  • Giving Trees: Tags and Coin Drive all week
  • vendredi- 90s Day

À demain!

le 25 novembre

Another busy, busy day!

Lots of French and English being done and we finally had Enrichment again!

This week’s On Partage share out was “would you rather have an extra leg or an extra arm and why?” There was a clear favourite, ask your child what they shared!

Giving Trees! Tags are available, and our coin drive starts next week. Monday is nickels but we’ll take anything anyway. Thanks so much!

Les Devoirs:

  • avant lundi- type and share your good copies of Mon Passe-Temps Préféré paragraph (hsoo@sd35.bc.ca)
    • OR continue working on your paragraph as discussed with Mme (if you were away etc)
  • lundi- Quiz- Verbes IR au present (Here’s a Blooket)

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 23 novembre

We had 7 missing friends again today. Hoping you are all on the upswing from whatever is ailing you. My daughter is still sick as well…

We played an actual volleyball in gym today! I think it went really well. We have some awesome leaders from the Grade 7 team, but everyone is really showing improvement/engagement etc, and I love it!

While doing French work today we also viewed some of the Canada/Belgium World Cup match, which we also continued during lunch.

Grade 7s finished their Lascaux inspired art, I can’t wait to put them up and show you!

Grade 6s continued work on their Evaluations Finales for Math. I am really impressed at how hard they are working and how engaged they are in the process. I know that they probably have never done a Math assessment like this and it seems like they are responding very positively to it.

JKE is currently running a warm clothing drive for Kimz Angels. Jackets, gloves, blankets, hard warmers, socks are all being collected, new or gently used and clean.

Giving Trees are up and running! The trees are covered in tags and waiting in the foyer! We are supporting several families with 4 or 5 children each. Please tag a tag (or multiple), acquire the item and bring it back under the tree, WITH THE TAG ATTACHED. We are also running a coin drive next week to purchase any items we do not receive. Thanks in advance! JKE always does an amazing job with Giving Trees ❤

Les Devoirs:

  • Grade 7s- Math Test demain
  • Grade 6s- Math Evaluation Finale due vendredi (1 more work block demain aves Mme Shak)
  • vendredi- Examen de Dictee 5 (here’s the Blooket)
    • Enrichment
    • Diner Chaud
  • lundi- Quiz- IR verbes au présent

Bonne journée demain, à vendredi!