le 21 avril

Another busy Wednesday in the Chalet!

Groups continue to create/perfect their invented games in PE, we did a Science Evaluation on elements, compounds and mixtures, and continue to develop and strengthen our ability to solve 2-step equations- I am really happy and excited about the development that I am seeing!

Les Devoirs:

  • Mental Health Brochure due demain
  • BYOD vendredi

À vendredi, soyez bon demain!

le 20 avril

We spent the day immersed in Mesopotamian Religion! Students worked in pairs/trios to research one of the hundreds of Gods from Mesopotamia. They made little informational posters about their God, then, in true Mesopotamian style, they worked with air drying clay to craft little statues of their Gods. As the clay dries, they will look more and more like artifacts!

Don’t forget to send baby photos to Mrs Sales for the yearbook!

Les Devoirs:

  • Demain: Education Physique, Orchestre
    • Quiz: Les Elements, Les Composés et Les Mélanges
  • jeudi- Mental Health Brochure due
  • vendredi: BYOD

À demain!

le 19 avril

Happy Monday! What a beautiful weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy it, looks like rain is on the horizon…

We’ve got another busy week on our plate, Mesopotamian Religion, Chemistry, 2-step algebraic equations, Mental Health Brochures… we can do it!

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD demain
  • SH- BD: Une Roi de Hammourabi due ASAP
  • mercredi- Quiz: Les Elements, Composés et Mélanges
  • jeudi- Mental Health Brochure due

À demain!

le 16 avril

Oh man today was a busy day!

This morning the students did a fun science exploration with marshmallows and toothpicks to simulate elements, compounds and mixtures (this was done safely, everyone had their own marshmallows to work with). I really think (hope?) students were able to grasp the difference and connectedness of the concepts after that.

Les Devoirs:

  • Bande-Dessinée- Une Loi de Hammourabi due lundi (les critères sont sur Teams)
  • Orchestre lundi
  • BOYD mardi
  • Mental Health Brochure due jeudi

I hope you are all able to enjoy the beautiful weekend! À lundi!

le 14 avril

We wrote our names (or something) using the chemical symbols of the elements! I love seeing everyone’s creativity!

Les Devoirs:

  • Pour demain: Research Notes for Mental Health Brochure
  • Demain: Class Photos
  • Bande-Dessinée- Une Loi de Hammourabi due lundi

À vendredi!

le 13 avril

Today was a lot of fun! We went over a handful of Hammurabi’s Laws (think- an eye for an eye), and it was very interesting 🙂 Also, in our weekly On Partage, the students all discussed whether they think Canada’s laws and punishments should be as severe as Hammurabi’s, we heard lots of good reasons and explanations.

Please see the email from Mrs Sales re: Baby Photos for the Yearbook, she’d like to have them in as soon as possible.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • Requiz: Les 6 Colonees des Civilisations demain
  • jeudi- Research notes for Mental Health Brochure
    • Class Photos
  • SH- Bande Dessinée- Une Loi de Hammourabi due lundi

Enjoy the sunshine, à demain!

le 12 avril

Hope you had a good weekend 🙂 It’s supposed to be a warm and sunny week, I am so excited!

We will be having class photos in some capacity on Thursday- TBD that day what that will look like.

Les Devoirs:

  • travail pour Mme K: Research notes for Mental Health Brochure

À demain!

le 9 avril

Happy Friday! The rain held out so we could go outside for Recess today, youppi!

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD toute la semaine prochaine
  • Orchestre lundi
  • Page Titre- La Chimie due EOD lundi (avec temps en classe)
  • Class Photos jeudi

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 7 avril

We did our Term 3 Fitness Assessment this morning! We will be reviewing and reflecting on our results in the coming days.

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD demain et vendredi
  • possible Algebra Pop Quiz vendredi *winkwinknudgenudge*

Bonne journée demain!

le 6 avril

Welcome back! Hope you benefitted from the long weekend 🙂 No surprise to anyone, but I spent my weekend chasing birds 😀

We are continuing with our exploration of Mesopotamia and algebra this week.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain