LFH Week 10

LFH Week 10

This will be our last full week of school! Wow!!

You should have received an email from the school regarding our plans for Farewell in 2 Wednesdays (if not, please let me know). In the next couple days I will be sending out a doodle for you to pick the time slot/group that you and your child can show up. The email has very important and specific information so please refer to it.

Here’s to Week 10!

LFH Week 9

LFH Week 9

Happy Sunday Families! Hope this weekend treated you well.

Welcome to Week 9, our second to last full week of school! Aaaahhh! Time flies when you’re having fun!

This week should feel similar to the last, I am at JKE Monday and Tuesday, and will not be available to support students at home (at least not as much as normal). Mme Asimakis WILL be around on Thursday, and has a fun afternoon option for you 🙂

Just so everyone is aware, we will be issuing third term report cards at the end of June, which will also include final letter grades for all subjects. I will share more information next week.

Here’s to Week 9!

Catch Up Day

Good morning everyone,

Just a reminder that today is an opportunity to catch up on any outstanding work.

As well, you can review any returned work and see if there are any corrections to make.

Today is also a great opportunity to do some self guided exploration. Research into something you are interested in. Become more knowledgeable about something. Maybe you’re interested in current events and want to become more informed and aware.

Lastly, take time for your mental wellbeing. DPA, social connection, some time outside, will all be a nice refresher.

Bonne journée! À demain ❤