le 17 novembre

What a blustery day! Div 1 did a great job during our inside recess and lunch today, and we were still able to get outside for some fresh air!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • Math- Multiplying Integers
  • jeudi- Research for ADST project complete
  • vendredi- PJ Day
    • Examen de Dictee 6

À demain!

le 16 novembre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

The second part of the Socials project was due today. If yours wasn’t submitted today please get it in ASAP.

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Multiplying integers sheet
  • Pour Mme K- recherche complete pour jeudi (presentations le 26 nov)
  • Examen de Dictee 6 vendredi

À demain!

le 12 novembre

A short post today!

We started a big ADST (Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies) inquiry project this morning that we will be working on tomorrow as well. Your child might have brought home a worksheet to help them brainstorm questions if they did not finish it in class today.

Check in with your child about their project ideas, they all had great topics they were working on!

le 10 novembre

Our virtual Remembrance Day Assembly.

Division 1 showed tremendous respect and appropriate behaviour during our Remembrance Day assembly today. Start to finish they were amazing. I appreciated everyone who shared their family connections, stories and thoughts afterwards. There were lots of really good questions posed throughout the day. I hope everyone is able to take a moment tomorrow around 11am to observe Remembrance Day.

Les Devoirs:

  • Jour du Souvenir demain
  • vendredi- Projet #2 de SH
    • Math- Subtracting Integers 3 pages

le 9 novembre

Welcome to Remembrance Day week! Today and tomorrow we will focus on acknowledging and honouring everyone who has served to maintain peace and freedom in our country and world. We created a collaborative art piece to hang in our room this week, and tomorrow we will have our virtual Remembrance Day assembly. I will have a poppy for every student tomorrow who needs one.

Here are some students assembling the art piece.

Brrrr it was chilly today!! Just a reminder for everyone to dress accordingly!

If we could have hoodie orders in by Friday, we can insure we will get them before winter break. Even if you pay online, we still need a paper copy of the order form. Please let me know if you need a printed copy.

Examen de Dictee Au Champ d’Honneur demain:

Les Devoirs:

  • Examen de Dictee Au Champ d’Honneur demain
  • Assemblé- Jour du Souvenir demain
  • Jour du Souvenir mercredi (pas d’école)
  • Projet de SH due vendredi

À demain!

le 6 novembre

Cabin fever is real! In case you didn’t hear, yesterday things got a little crazy in the chalet. Mme K and Mrs King had to intervene and have a big discussion about appropriate behaviour. We then continued that discussion this morning, and the class seemed really receptive. Unfortunately, being in a learning group all by ourselves, we don’t get a break from each other. That means we need to find creative ways to take a break from each other, and more importantly, recognize when we need a break.

We also continued our discussion of Black Lives Matter. We watched the TedTalk of the founder of the movement. I wrote some key takeaways on the board and we went through them. I love hearing the students’ input; personal stories, questions, opinions. All so powerful. And some amazing connections made too!

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre lundi
  • Assemblé du Jour de Souvenir mardi
  • Examen de Dictee 5 mardi
  • Jour de Souvenir mercredi
  • Projet de SH #2 due vendredi

À lundi!

le 4 novembre

Today was an exciting day! Students got to sign the 2021 sheet for their hoodies! Always an exciting time 🙂 (if you were away, there is still time, don’t fret). Grown ups, you should be receiving an email from Mrs Sollows with ordering information. Students got to look at the hoodie sizes today and should have a decent idea of the size they should order. We always suggest sizing up if you’re not sure, as kids grow and clothes shrink. There are different colour options, as well as zip up vs pull over styles. If we want these to come in before Winter Break, we need orders in ASAP (Nov 13 deadline). If you cannot print an order sheet, please let me know and I will send home a copy for you.

We continued our discussion around systemic racism/racial injustice today, as results of the US election continue to update. We will continue our work on this topic moving forward. I always think it is interesting how much and/or what students know about global/political topics.

Les Devoirs:

  • Bibliotheque demain
  • any outstanding brochure projects
  • any outstanding SH projects #1

À vendredi!

le 3 novembre

Phew what a day! Double inside recess from the rain… Fingers crossed its better tomorrow.

We started the next step in. our Math journey today- subtracting integers. It can sometimes be a tricky topic.

In light of the political event occurring across the border today, we discussed the Black Lives Matter movement. We read an article, had a discussion, then students individually reflected on and answered some questions. Most had already heard of BLM (not all) and had some interesting insights and questions. This is the first “serious” topic conversation we have had so we will see what level of maturity and critical thinking surfaces.

Les Devoirs:

  • Demain- Education Physique et Orchestre
  • Math- Subtracting Integers (Number Line)
  • English- BLM article and questions

le 2 novembre

Hope you all had a pleasant Halloween/Daylight Savings weekend. It was pretty quiet around my house. I definitely enjoyed an extra hour of sleep 🙂

We tried a new seating arrangement today- random! I have everyone’s name on a playing card, I shuffled them up and placed them on the tables at random. I will do the same all week. It was nice to see how students got along with some different people.

Students paid their November rent today!

We started the early phase of the second part of the Early People (Socials) project- Creative writing! I will post the outline sheets and rubric tomorrow. Basically, students are to write EITHER: 4 diary entries or create a newspaper cover or write a script, all from the perspective of a person from a particular prehistoric time. I suggest strongly that students stick with the era they chose for the previous part, as they have already done lots of research and should know a lot about that time. This project allows them to flex their brains in a creative way, doing lots of inferencing and critical thinking about what it would have been like to live in those times. I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Les Devoirs:

  • Adding Integers Project due demain
  • Any outstanding SH projet #1s!
  • Projet de SH #2 (L’Ecriture creative) due le 13 novembre

le 30 octobre

Today was a lot of fun! Kudos to everyone who came in their Halloween best! Just before this, the primary classes came around in parade style, and we got to see our little buddies!

The Projet de Construction pour les Sciences Humaines was due today. They look great! I will share a photo Monday once I get them into the display case. Some serious hard work and effort can be seen for sure. Any outstanding parts/projects should be submitted Monday svp.

Les Devoirs:

  • Examen de Dictee 4 lundi (we didn’t get to it today)
  • Orchestre lundi