le 26 mai

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

Thanks to Lizzie, Talia, Ocean and Ayla for sharing “Wham Bam Shbam(?)” with us in PE today!

Project #2 (La Religion) was due today in our study of Ancient Civilisations. Once more come in I will share a pic, they look great! We will be starting the next one on Friday.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- bring your squirrel obstacle course supplies!
  • vendredi- JKE Colours Day (wear your gr 7 Hoodie!)
    • BYOD

À vendredi!

le 19 mai

What a full day of learning! Wednesdays are such busy but fun days.

Please get your Triple 0s orders in for Farewell. You should have gotten an email from Shari. Thanks!

Thanks to Lauren, Ava, Marie and Sara for teaching us IFO today, it was super fun!

We are currently studying the crystalline structure of solids in Science, and what better way to understand the process than to create our own crystals! We started the process today, and it will be fun to see what happens over the next few days.

Project #1 of our Ancient Civilization study was due today, check out this amazing display of our knowledge of the Government and Politics of the 5 ancient civs we are studying!

Project #2 was assigned and described today, due next Wednesday. This week’s focus is on religion, and I am really enjoying everyone’s excitement over these projects. There was lots of “I can’t decide which one I want do!” 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • presentations demain
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé
  • lundi- Victoria Day
  • mercredi- Projet #2 due
  • vendredi prochain: School Colours Day

Bonne longue fin de semaine!! À mardi!

le 18 mai

We are currently studying the crystalline structure of solids in Science, and we were able to examine a grain of sugar under a microscope. Super cool!

Reminder- Socials Projects (Gouvernement d’une Civilisation Ancienne) due demain!


  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • jeudi – Presentations
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé
  • lund- Victoria Day

À demain!

le 17 mai

Hope you had a lovely weekend, I definitely got some sun 🙂

We are currently working to understand parts and properties of circles. Last week we did an activity to discover how circumference and diameter are related. Today we read 2 stories that creatively explain where pi comes from, and how it helps calculate circumference or diameter. The students really seemed to enjoy them 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Projet de SH #1 (Le Gouvernement) due mercredi
  • jeudi- presentations
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé
  • lundi- Victoria Day

le 14 mai

Happy Friday! Today was our first Health lesson with Jannika. Today’s focus was on puberty and changes that bodies go through as they transition from child to adult bodies. She shared with us some important resources that students (and families) can access if they would like further info or need help with anything: Amaze.org, Kids Help Phone and the Sex Sense Line. All are Canadian websites and sources. We have 2 more sessions with her.

Les amis- HERE is the link to ask Jannika your anonymous questions after our session today.

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre lundi
  • Projet de SH (Gouv de Civ Ancienne) due mercredi (no more in class work time)

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 12 mai

Another super fun day!

Check out these photos from our game of GLOW this morning! Thanks to Callia, Emma and Jenny for cooking up a fun new game!

Les Devoirs:

  • presentations demain
  • vendredi- BYOD (2nd work block for socials projects which is due next mercredi)

le 11 mai

What a beautiful day!

In our weekly On Partage, students were asked if they would choose to receive the Covid19 vaccine, which was recently approved by Health Canada for young people 12 years and older. There were answers all along the spectrum, with 17 students saying yes, 5 saying no and 5 undecided, also with a wide variety of reasons. Very interesting to hear the thoughts of the young people 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • presentations jeudi

le 10 mai

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today was a busy day! Seems like everyone had lots of energy…

We are on Litter Duty this week, I was very appreciative of everyone’s effort this morning to help keep our school grounds clean.

I have a copy of our class photo for everyone to take home tomorrow 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • presentations for Mme Kloosterhof jeudi
  • finish and share your AAPI projects with me please!

Cinco de Mayo

Today was an active day! We jumped over increasing heights in High Jump and completed a 1000m.

We also started a biography project in honour of Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Les Devoirs:

  • bibliotheque demain
  • ADSt project
  • BYOD demain et vendredi

À vendredi!