le 29 mai

The concert today went really well! Our grade 7s sounded great! Kudos to the students who got up to do a solo during the last song! We also got to hear the other schools play, as well as the Gr 7 Honour Band that WGSS runs. They played an AMAZING rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

During PE today, Danika and Bela taught us a dance lesson, focusing on warm up and technique that you find in many dance classes. Thanks to all the students who participated with a good, positive attitude. Others need some serious improvement in that area.

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi: Orchestre
    • Math- Circumference package (pg 155-158)
    • SN- Mixtures seek and find (bonus for coloured)
    • SH- Projet de Musee due mercredi! (see yesterday’s post for more details)

le 28 mai

Tomorrow is our Band Concert at West Langley. We are departing here around 9:40am, and should be back by lunch. Students are carrying their instruments to and from West Langley, a 3 minute walk from here. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR INSTRUMENT!!

***Education Physique demain***

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- 2 circumference worksheets due demain
  • SN- Mixtures- doodle note search and find sheet due vendredi
  • SH- Projet de Musee due mercredi prochain
    • 2 artifacts built or drawn by you
    • at least 2 paragraphs, describing your artifacts, how they relate to your pillar and your civilization, as well as some general knowledge about your pillar. Remember, you are the only person who is researching this pillar, you are the expert and are expected to demonstrate your knowledge
    • don’t forget a bibliography- its an automatic zero without one

le 27 mai

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Well done to all our Track and Field students today, I heard we had some very good finishes! It was a hot day so hopefully they can rest up and recover for tomorrow. We had a pretty chill day in class 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Math- Parts of a Circle
  • SN- Mixtures worksheets
  • mercredi- Band Concert à West Langley Elem

le 24 mai

Om nom cupcakes! Thanks to Mme Foulds for supplying us with delicious cupcakes today. Our class raised the most money for Jump Rope for Heart. Yahoo!

Monday is the WGSS Track and Field Meet. We have 7 students from Division 1 competing. Bonne chance les amis!

Next week the grade 7s will be heading to West Langley Elementary for a band concert. Hope you brought your instruments home to practice!

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Parts of a Circle sheet
  • SN- Mixtures worksheets (2)

le 21 mai

Hope you all had a lovely Victoria Day weekend! My family and I went to Portland (I had never been) to visit with my inlaws and it was lovely!

Tomorrow is Playland! I outlined the following for tomorrow:

  • We leave at 9:00am sharp.
  • Bring food or money for food (line ups are always long so be prepared to wait)
  • NO FLIP FLOPS OR LOOSE SHOES on rides. Runners are best.
  • Dress sensibly, it’s looking like it will be warm, layers are advised.
  • A small backpack should be enough. Don’t bring more than you are willing to carry all day.
  • At NO POINT during the day tomorrow should you be alone. If I see you alone, you will be my best friend for the rest of the day.
  • Students are not required to remain with their car group/parent, however it is advised to check with them periodically.
  • At 1:50pm- meet at Hell’s Gate to leave.
  • Students are allowed to have their phones however they are to be used appropriately- do not take photos/videos of others without their consent, no posting to social media etc.

À demain!

le 15 mai

What a super fun day! I love this workshop! The students get to try out so many different tools and processes that would be otherwise very difficult here at school. Thanks also to our parent drivers, we would not have been able to attend without you!

I want to thank everyone who contacted me yesterday after reading my email. Yesterday may not have been our best day, but I am renewed and reenergized to make the last weeks of this year as awesome as possible!

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi: Jersey Day
    • Math- booklet including chapter review
  • lundi- Victoria Day (jour de congé)
  • mardi- Math Test- Algebraic expressions and equations, balancing the scale
  • mercredi- Playland

le 14 mai

For our workshop at TWU tomorrow, please remember to wear LONG PANTS and CLOSE-TOED SHOES. Thank you SO MUCH to the parents who are driving us!!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence là)
  • Math- Balancing equations
    • test mardi

le 10 mai

We survived the post camp week! I hope you heard all about how AMAZING camp was. I had such a great time!! A super huge THANK YOU to the parents that came with us, Edwin, Allison, Christine and Melissa! Camp doesn’t happen without you and you guys were great! Thanks for taking the time to get away with us!!

The permission form for the field trip to TWU (Chemistry) went home today. I am still looking for a few more drivers. Please email me if you are able. It’s THIS COMING WEDNESDAY! Thanks in advance!


Walnut Grove is once again offering their Gator Shades program, a week of summer spent exploring and experiencing WGSS before September. All of the feedback I’ve received from past students who have participated has been extremely positive. It is definitely recommended for students who are anxious about the transition, but is open to all future grade 8 WGSS students. Below is the info poster, Mrs Sollows has the application at the office.

Les Devoirs:

  • TWU permission and $12
  • Math- 2 assignments (package and double sided sheet)
  • Camp Essaie- due ASAP (share doc with me)
  • Carnaval tonight! 6pm-9pm (unfortunately I have a prior commitment and won’t make it)

le 1 mai


800M run is tomorrow morning and Gr 7 BOYS HIGH JUMP at lunch!


Track and Field was so much fun!!! We have so many talented kids in our class!


Just a reminder about camp and medications. ALL medication your child is bringing, EVEN TYLENOL AND IBUPROFEN needs to be given to me. Your child will be able to take them at camp as needed, but we need to keep them with us and not in the cabins. The only exceptions are inhalers and epipens. I won’t be here tomorrow but Mme Chan knows what to do with them when they are brought in.

Friday is a Pro D Day, see you Monday Morning!

le 30 avril

Today we saw Les PeeWees. I enjoyed it! There was a bit of rough language, but the story was really interesting and powerful. There were. many instances of dialogue that were tricky, but easy enough to understand. I had the students respond to the movie today, you should ask them what they thought of it too!

Tomorrow is Track and Field Day! Appropriate dress, including runners is absolutely necessary, as well as a water bottle. And don’t forget sunscreen! We will be outside basically all day.

We had our last meeting before camp, reminding students of a few things. First, everyone’s gear goes through the heat treatment room, so pack accordingly. Toiletries should be packed in a easy to remove bag so nothing melts. Sleeping bag and pillow should be packed in a labelled garbage bag, and bring an extra bag! No cell phones or any other electronics except a non-precious camera. Also no snacks, we don’t want to attract mice/rats or other animals. Food is plentiful at camp, no one goes hungry. Please arrive Monday morning between 7:30 and 7:45 am and check in with me.