le 15 novembre

What a productive day today!

Our Dictée this week is one of my favourites! Lots of new and interesting vocabulary (menuisier? clouer? raboter? atelier?). Reminder that our Examen de Dictée 4 and our Quiz: Ces/Ses/C’est will both occur on Monday as there is no school on Friday.

Attention Young Entrepreneurs (Enrichment)! You will be receiving an information package during Band on Thursday which will contain all the info you need to be ready and successful for the YE Fair on December 7.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: 7mes- Vball Prac 8h00
    • Education Physique
    • 6mes- Math: “Cross It Out” feuille
    • 7mes: 3 pages of Decimal Multiplication and 1 page of word problems

À demain!

le 14 novembre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

It’s definitely cooling down, and it seems like everyone is coming dressed prepared to spend time outside, thank you. Just keep reminding your child to be prepared!

Just a reminder that Friday is a day off for students (Design and Assessment Day).

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Orchestre
    • 6mes- SH: Good Copy of letter to Town Counsellor DUE DEMAIN (neatly written on lined paper)
    • 7mes- Math: 1st and 2nd sheet of Decimal Multiplication due demain
      • Vball Game @ Gordon Greenwood

À demain!

Nous Nous Souvenons

Hoping you are able to take a moment to honour and acknowledge all military personal, past and present, who bravely and selflessly serve to protect peace and liberty here and around the world.

Remembrance Day is particularly important to me, as my cousin, Private Chad Horn, served in Afghanistan and was killed in action on September 3, 2008.

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend. Just a reminder:

-Monday we will have a quiz on Non-Fiction Text Features.

-Tuesday, grade 6s Good Copy Letter to Town Counsellor is due. (Neatly written on lined paper)

À lundi!

le 8 novembre

This morning the class created a collaborative art piece in honour of Remembrance Day which will hang in the gym for the assembly on Thursday. Here is a picture of the gluing process. I’ll share the finished product tomorrow.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: 7mes- Vball Prac 8h00
    • Education Physique
    • 6mes- SH- un page à double interline de ta lettre
  • jeudi- Assemble- Jour du Souvenir
  • vendredi- Jour du Souvenir (pas d’école)

À demain!

le 7 novembre

How about that weather this weekend…

We had a productive Monday. Despite it being a short week, we have a lot lined up to accomplish!

I had the grade 7s sign their names to the Hoodie document. Hopefully everyone has ordered or will order theirs. They will probably arrive after Winter Break but we’ll cross our fingers that they arrive sooner than that!

We will be doing some Remembrance Day activities this week in preparation for our Assembly on Thursday.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Orchestre
    • 6mes Math- Feuille PGFC (pas #9)
    • 7mes Math- Decimal Addition and Subtraction
    • 7mes Vball Game @ Dorothy Peacock
  • mercredi- 7mes Vball Practice 8h00, Education Physique
  • jeudi- Jour du Souvenir Assembly 1h15
  • vendredi- Jour du Souvenir (pas d’école)

À demain!

le 4 novembre

What a soggy, yucky day!

Thankfully we didn’t have too much on the schedule today, plus hot lunch and double inside recess… it could have been a day.

We did some English in the morning, students are getting really good at identifying text features. After recess we split off for Enrichment. Unfortunately we don’t have it again for a few weeks since the next 2 Fridays are no school for students.

This afternoon we had our class party, a very chill afternoon of socializing, which everyone enjoyed.

Next week is a short week as Friday is Remembrance Day (Jour du Souvenir). We have a lot to fit into 3 days (with me), including finishing the FSAs, a school-wide write, and honouring Remembrance Day, something that is particularly important to me.

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- 7mes Math- one sheet of A and one sheet of B
    • Beaver Math Computing Challenge
    • 7mes- Vball practice @2h45
  • Mardi- Orchestre
    • Gr 6 and 7 volleyball games (7s @ Dorothy Peacock)
  • mercredi- Education Physique
    • 7mes- Vball practice @ 8h00
  • jeudi- Jour du Souvenir Assembly 1h15
  • vendredi- Jour du Souvenir (pas d’école)

Bonne fin de semaine!

Le 2 novembre

Another busy day!

We continued our skill development in volleyball this morning. I am seeing some decent improvement! Hopefully we can do some game play next week!

We have started our examination of Non-fiction text features and in pairs today the students created a non-fiction text about bats which also had them label different parts of their text. You should ask them what they learned about bats today!

Les Devoirs:

  • 7mes- Math: for Monday -complete one of sheet of A and one sheet of B
  • vendredi- Enrichment
    • Dîner Chaud
    • Fête de Classe (Kingston organize)

À vendredi!

le 1 novembre

Wow, November already!

Grade 6s had their first round of immunizations today.

Grade 7s continued working through the FSAs.

Good luck to our volleyball teams this afternoon!

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: 7mes- Vball Prac 8h00
    • Education Physique

À demain!

le 28 octobre

Another busy but good day!

We wrote our third Examen de Dictee this morning, our longest one yet. Hopefully the students are catching on to the system and will start to see some good progression in their results.

We have a verb quiz on Monday, the Blooket is available for practice.

We had Enrichment this morning, sounds like the different groups are starting to make some good progress in their respective areas. We have 4 more meetings this term.

This afternoon I tried something I’ve never done before. Students were given free range to create an art piece, using whatever medium they wanted, inspired by our current season, Halloween or how they were feeling today. I am so happy to report that the 40 minutes they had were really used well, and the art pieces that were/are being completed are amazing. Students used a variety of mediums and were inspired by different things, and had some really good conversations about what they were making and doing and seeing etc. I am honestly not surprised with this group, but I am so happy that it went well. The students will be completing a self-reflection on their art piece next week, which will be used to decide a proficiency for this task. Once all the pieces are installed in our ‘gallery’, I will share a pic. But I did snap one of everyone engaged in their work for you.

Spooktacular is this evening! For everyone attending, have a wonderful time!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Halloween! (costumes?)
    • Quiz- Verbes ER au present
    • 6mes- Math, be ready!
    • 7mes- Vball practice 2h45 PERMISSION FORMS
  • Mardi- PJ Day
    • Orchestre
    • 7mes- Vball Game @…

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 26 octobre

Another busy day in the chalet!

We had to have PE outside this morning, as the gym was being used for photo retakes. It was definitely a little chilly.

We ended the visiting with our little buddies, helping them decorate their classroom door for Spooktacular 🙂

Grade 7s: just a heads up were are starting FSAs next week. Parents- if you DO NOT want your child to participate in FSA’s, please reach out to Mme Gracie as soon as possible.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Orchestre
  • vendredi: Examen de Dictee 3 (Here is the Blooket)
    • Enrichment
    • Spooktacular
  • 6mes: Math- Plus Petit Multiple Commun- Pop Quiz soon!

À vendredi!